Metal Foams and Porous Metal Structures

J. Banhart, M.F. Ashby, N.A. Fleck (Editors)

Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Metal Foams and Porous Metal Structures (MetFoam'99), Bremen (Germany), 14.-16. June 1999, 420 pages

Applications and Industrial Use
Production and Processing
  • Powder compact method
  • Industrialisation of P/M foaming process
    F. Baumgärtner, H. Gers
    Foamed aluminium cores for aluminium castings
    T. Höpler, F. Schörghuber, F. Simancík
    A novel melt-based route to aluminium foam production
    V. Gergely, T.W. Clyne
    Numerical simulation of foam formation and evolution with modified cellular automata
    C. Körner, R.F. Singer
    Foaming kinetics of aluminium alloys
    I. Duarte, P. Weigand, J. Banhart
    Effect of foaming parameters on the pore size
    F. Simancík, N. Mináriková, S. Culák, J. Kovácik
    Characteristics and handling of titanium hydride
    R. Kresse
    Production technology for aluminium foam/steel sandwiches
    J. Baumeister
    Tailored blanks based on foamable aluminium sandwich material
    R. Braune, A. Otto
  • Foaming of liquids and casting
  • Aluminium foam "Alporas": the production process, properties and applications
    T. Miyoshi, M. Itoh, S. Akiyama, A. Kitahara
    Aluminium foam produced by the melt foaming route - process, properties and applications
    P. Åsholt
    Interfacial criteria for ceramic particle stabilised metallic foams
    G. Kaptay
    Processing of cellular magnesium materials
    Y.Yamada, K. Shimojima, Y. Sakaguchi, M. Mabuchi, M. Nakamura, T. Asahina, T. Mukai, H. Kanahashi, K. Higashi
    Investment cast near net shape components based on cellular metal materials
    C. Hintz, I. Wagner, P.R. Sahm, P. Stoyanov
    Properties and applications of cast aluminium sponges
    J. Banhart
    Preparation, structure control and acoustic properties of porous aluminium with open cells
    F. Chen, D.P. He
  • Sintering methods
  • Porous metal structures made by sintering: processes and applications
    P. Neumann
    Stainless steel hollow sphere foams - fabrication, carburization, and properties
    J.L. Clark, K.M. Hurysz, K.J. Lee , J.K. Cochran, T.H. Sanders
    Fabrication and microstructure of metal-metal syntactic foams
    J.H. Nadler, K.M. Hurysz, J.L. Clark, J.K. Cochran, K.J. Lee, T.H. Sanders
    Novel metallic hollow sphere structures: processing and properties
    O. Andersen, U. Waag, L. Schneider, G. Stephani, B. Kieback
    Novel process for cellular materials with oriented structure
    L. Tuchinskiy, R. Loutfy
    Preparation and characterisation of high porosity titanium-, stainless steel- and superalloy parts
    M. Bram, C. Stiller, H.P. Buchkremer, D. Stöver, H. Bauer
    Pore formation during reactive sintering of iron-aluminium powder mixtures
    M. Knüwer
    Characterisation and Properties
  • Structure
  • On the non-destructive testing of metal foams
    H.P. Degischer, A. Kottar
    Deformation heterogeneity in cellular Al alloys revealed by surface deformation analysis
    A.-F. Bastawros, A.G. Evans
    Characterisation of cast and compressed foam structures by combined 2D-3D analysis
    F. Grote, A.Schievenbusch
    Desktop X-ray microtomography for studies of metal foams
    E. Cornelis, A. Kottar, A. Sasov , D. Van Dyck
  • Static Deformation
  • Reproducibility of aluminium foam properties
    F. Simancík
    Deformation behaviour of aluminium foam under uniaxial compression (a case study)
    B. Kriszt, B. Foroughi, K. Faure, H.P. Degischer
    Multi-axial yield of aluminium alloy foam
    V. Deshpande, N.A. Fleck
    On the behaviour of aluminium foams under uniaxial and multiaxial loading
    W. Ehlers, H. Müllerschön, O. Klar
    Mechanical behaviour of aluminium foams for various deformation paths. Experiment and modelling
    Y. Chastel, E. Hudry, S. Forest, C. Peytour
    Failure mechanisms of aluminium foams under compressive loads
    E. Saenz, A. Villate, I. Garuz, A.M. Irisarri, G. Rausch, M. Weber
    Modelling of the mechanical properties of metallic foams based on X-ray analysis
    J. Burzer, T. Bernard, H.W. Bergmann, O. Damm
    Influence of micro - and meso-topological properties on the crash-worthiness of aluminium foams
    T. Daxner, H.J. Boehm, F.G. Rammerstorfer
    On the mechanical properties of steel foams
    C.-J. Yu, T.D. Claar, H.H. Eifert, M. Knüwer, M. Weber, J.C. Runkle
    Elastic properties of cellular metals processed by sintering mats of fibres
    F. Delannay, T.W. Clyne
    FE simulation of metal foams based on the macroscopic approach of the theory of porous media
    W. Ehlers, A. Droste
    Modelling of the aluminium foam properties according to percolation theory
    J. Kovácik, F. Simancík
  • Behaviour of composite structures
  • Sandwich panel design using aluminium alloy foam
    A.-M. Harte, N.A. Fleck, M.F. Ashby
    Aluminium foam filled steel tubes as composite shock absorbers
    R. Gradinger, M. Seitzberger, F.G. Ramerstorfer, H.P. Degischer, M. Blaimschein, C. Walch
    Bending and bulging tests on steel sheet / aluminium foam sandwiches
    H. von Hagen, W. Bleck
    Optimum design of metal foam in sandwich structures using genetic algorithm
    J. Deocon, L. Salvo, P. Lemoine, D. Landru , Y. Bréchet, R. Leriche
    Microstructure and mechanical properties of cellular magnesium matrix composites
    M. Hartmann, I. Crößmann, K. Reindel, R.F. Singer
    Bending crush behaviour of foam-filled sections
    S. Santosa, J. Banhart, T. Wierzbicki
  • Dynamic loading, fatigue and fracture
  • Deformation energy absorption of metal foams at high strain rates
    C.-J. Yu, T.D. Claar, H.H. Eifert, I.W. Hall, R.E. Franz, K.T. Leighton, D.F. Hasson
    Energy absorption of light-weight metallic foams under dynamic loading
    T. Mukai, H. Kanahashi, K. Higashi, Y. Yamada, K. Shimojima, M. Mabuchi, T. Miyoshi, T.G. Nieh
    The effect of impact velocity on the deformation of layered metal foam/ceramic composites
    A.E. Markaki, T.W. Clyne
    Fatigue of an aluminium alloy foam
    O.B. Olurin, N.A. Fleck, M.F. Ashby
    Fatigue of aluminium foams at ultrasonic frequencies
    B. Zettel, S. Stanzl-Tschegg
    Fatigue behaviour, strength and failure of aluminium foam
    O. Schultz, A. des Ligneris, O. Haider, P. Starke
    Fracture toughness of honeycombs
    I. Schmidt, N.A. Fleck
  • Thermal, acoustic and damping properties
  • Thermal transport and fire retardance properties of cellular metals
    T.J. Lu, C. Chen
    A finite element model updating approach intended to simulate vibro-acoustic behaviour of Al-foam structure
    A. Zopp, F.G. Kollmann
    Noise attenuation using aluminium foams
    J. Kovácik, P. Tobolka, F. Simancík
    Acoustical investigation of sintered highly porous metal fibre structures as sound absorbers
    F. Albracht, G. Lotze
    The damping performance of porous aluminium (PA) and porous aluminium-polymer composites (PAPCs)
    D.P. He, F. Chen, L.Q. Ma
    Author index

    Cellular Metals: Manufacure, Properties and Applications

    J. Banhart, N.A. Fleck, A. Mortensen (Editors)

    Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Cellular Metals and Metal Foaming Technology (MetFoam 2003), Berlin (Germany), 23.-25. June 2003, 575 pages

  • Foaming of powder compacts
  • Technology of aluminium foam production using methods of powder metallurgy
    S. Vatchiants, N. Manukyan
    Microstructural investigation during foaming of aluminium alloy pellets made from low cost powder
    E. Proverbio, L. Bonaccorsi
    Influence of particle size and shape on the expansion behaviour of granulated foamable precursor material
    J. Baumeister, K. St�bener
    The effect of ceramic particle additions on foam expansion and stability in compacted Al-TiH2 powder precursors
    A.R. Kennedy, S. Asavavisithchai
    Evaluation of potential new matrix alloys for production of PM aluminium foams
    D. Lehmhus
    Bulk foaming process for cellular metals starting from alloy sheets
    K. Kitazono, E. Sato, K. Kuribayashi
    Zinc foams � new approach for reduced density
    K. St�bener, M. Weigend, G. Rausch
    Heat distribution during metal foaming
    H.-M. Helwig, J. Banhart
    Semi-solid proceesing of complex-shaped foamable material
    J. Weise, H. Stanzick, J. Banhart
    Marble waste recovery as foaming agent for aluminium foams
    L.E.G. Cambronero, C. Ranninger
    Development of aluminium castings with permanent aluminium foam cores
    R. Kretz, E. Wolfsgruber
    Encasing of aluminium foam with magnesium by die casting
    M. Brunnbauer, C. K�rner, R.F. Singer
  • Foaming of melts
  • Fabrication of lotus-type porous metals and physical properties...
    H. Nakajima, T. Ikeda, S.K. Hyun
    Gasar - a new class of porous materials: synthesis, structure, properties and prospective application
    V. Shapovalov, L. Boyko
    Magnesium integral foams
    C. K�rner, M. Hirschmann, M. Lamm, R.F. Singer
    Cellular magnesium
    Fr.-W. Bach, D. Bormann, P. Wilk
  • Sintering and other methods
  • Processing of titanium foams
    D.C. Dunand
    Porous TiNi biomaterial poduced by self-propagating high-temperature synthesis
    J.S. Kim, J.H. Kang, S.B. Kang, K.S. Yoon, Y.S. Kwon
    Analysis and control of cell morphology of intermetallics foam synthesised by combustion reaction
    M. Kobashi, N. Kanetake
    Production of metallic foams from ceramic foam precursors
    A. Verdooren, H.M. Chan, J.L. Grenestedt, H.P. Harmer, H.S. Caram
    Near net shape fabrication of highly porous parts by powder metallurgy
    M. Bram, A. Laptev, H.P. Buchkremer, D. St�ver
    Foam metal production process using water base binder and wax emulsion
    T. Shimizu, K. Matsuzaki
    Fabrication of porous material with porosity gradient by pulsed electric current sintering method
    Y.-S. Kwon, M.-J. Suk, J.-S. Kim, C.-G. Shin
    Synthesis of superalloy foams by a gas-phase alloying technique
    H. Choe, D. Dunand
    Preparation and characterisation of cellular aluminium materials
    C.E. Wen, M. Mabuchi, Y. Yamada, K. Shimojima, Y. Chino, H. Hosokawa, T. Asahina
    Laminar Ni-NixAl-αAl2O3 foam material with high oxidation resistance
    A. Leonov, A.Romashko
    Quality control of foam metals produced electrochemically
    A. Leonov, A.Romashko
  • Characterisation of structures by tomography and image analysis
  • X-ray tomography applied to the characterization of metal foams
    E. Maire, L. Salvo
    Characterisation of the 3-D structure and compressive deformation of metallic foams
    S. A. McDonald, P. M. Mummery, G. Johnson
    Synchrotron tomography on zinc and aluminium foams
    A. Rack, A. Haibel, B. Matijasevic, J. Banhart
    In-situ observation of tensile deformation of open-cell nickel foams by means of X-ray microtomography
    T. Dillard, F. N�Guyen, S. Forest, Y. Bienvenu, J.-D.�Bartout, L.�Salvo, R.�Dendievel, E.�Maire, P. Cloetens, C. Lantu�joul
    Structure and deformation mechanisms of Ni foams evaluated by X-ray tomography
    A. Fazekas, L. P. Lefebvre, M. Gauthier, R. Dendievel, L. Salvo
    The influence of cell-size distribution on the plateau stress in open-cell metal foams using X-ray tomography
    Cs. K�d�r, P. Kenesei, E. Maire, G. Peix, Zs. Rajkovits, J. Lendvai
    Structure and mechanical properties of AFS sandwiches studied in compression tests by in-situ X-ray micro-tomography
    L. Salvo, P. Belestin, T. Douillard, E. Maire, M. Jacquesson, C. Vecchionacci, E. Boller
    Structure/properties relationship for cellular materials - experimental and finite element modelling
    S. Youssef, E. Maire, R. Gaertner, C. Gauthier
    Determination of pore size distribution and uniformity in closed cell metal foams from 2D image analysis
    A.C. C�rcel, C. Ferrer
    Porosity constitution of porous Al alloys
    D. Yang, D.P. He
  • Elastic properties
  • A comparison of discrete and Cosserat continuum analyses for cellular materials
    C. Tekoglu, P. R. Onck
    Elastic anisotropy of textured aluminium sponges
    L. Blanche, A. Wanner
    Anisotropic elastic constants of lotus-structured porous metals
    M. Tane, T. Ichitsubo, H. Ogi, M. Hirao, T. Ikeda, H. Nakajima
  • Deformation
  • High temperature compressive deformation of Alporas (AlCaTi) foams
    M. S. Aly, W. Bleck
    Compression behavior of hollow aluminum spheres
    Y. Yamada, C. E. Wen, M. Mabuchi, K. Shimojima, Y. Chino, H. Hosokawa, T. Asahina
    Closed surface skin of IFAM foams in numerical simulation and verification with experimental results
    A. G. Hanssen, M. Langseth, K.St�bener, G.Rausch
    Mesomechanical simulation of cellular aluminium
    M. Wicklein, M. Sauer, A. Klomfass, S. Hiermaier, K. Thoma
    Tensile behaviour of replicated aluminium foams
    J.-F. Despois, Y. Conde, C. San Marchi, A. Mortensen
    The collapse response of sandwich beams with aluminium face sheets and a metal foam core in three-point bending
    V.L. Tagarielli, N.A. Fleck, V.S. Deshpande
    A statistic approach to estimate the compression strength of aluminium foams
    U. Mosler, U. Martin, N. Losseva, H. Oettel
    Fracture of metal foams: in-situ testing and numerical modeling
    P. R. Onck, R. van Merkerk,, J. Th. M. De Hosson, I. Schmidt
    The role of strain pattern formation in understanding scale effects in metal foams
    P.R. Onck
    Design and properties of a sandwich beam with Al foam core
    J. Shang, D.P. He
    Yield behaviour of metal foams in the elastic-plastic transition region
    S. Str�hla, W. Winter, G. Kuhn
    Numerical investigation of local yielding in metallic foams
    T. Daxner, H.J. B�hm, F.G. Rammerstorfer
    Grain size effects on the mechanical behaviour of open-cell nickel foams
    V. Goussery, Y. Bienvenu, S. Forest, A.-F. Gourgues, C. Colin, J.-D. Bartout
  • Fracture, fatigue and energy absorption
  • Experimental investigation of notch strengthening in metallic foams in compression
    A. Antoniou, A.-F. Bastawros
    Fatigue behaviour of metal foams: simulation and experiments
    H.�Harders, J.�R�sler, K.�Hupfer
    The effects of crack closure, crack bridging and micro-cracking on the fatigue crack propagation in closed-cell aluminum foams
    C. Motz, R. Pippan
    The energy absorbing efficiency of cellular metals under compressive loading
    F. Chen, D.P. He
    Mechanical characterisation of aluminium foam made by powder compact technology: static and dynamic behaviour and FEM analysis evaluation
    G.B. Broggiato, F. Campana, L. Peroni
    Ability of constructions from foamed aluminium to absorb different kinds of energy
    V.I. Lebedev, V.I. Komov, D.A. Andreev
    Characterization and simulation of mechanical behaviour of aluminium foams
    D.-Z. Sun, F. Andrieux, C.Haberling
    An experimental study of the deformation rate sensitivity of PM aluminium foams
    H.Zhao, S. Abdennadher, J.Banhart
  • Sound absorption and thermal conductivity
  • Mechanical and sound absorption properties of closed cell Al foam by pot furnace method
    S. Y. Kim, B. Y. Hur, K. C. Kwon, S. H. Cho, C. Y. Lim, Y. M. Yoo, M. H. Lee
    Properties of nickel foams having different pore size distributions and densities
    L.P. Lefebvre, M. Gauthier, M.N. Bureau, M. Le Roux, R. Panneton, D. Pilon
    Application-related properties of sintered metallic fiber structures
    O. Andersen, C. Kostmann, G. Stephani, G. Korb
    Noise reduction by open-pore aluminium foams
    A. Berg, W. Maysenh�lder, M. Haesche
    Measurement and analysis of effective thermal conductivities of lotus-type porous copper
    T. Ogushi, H. Chiba, H. Nakajima, T. Ikeda
    An experimental study on thermal conductivity of Al foams using the transient plane source method
    J. A. Reglero, M.A. Rodr�guez-P�rez, D. Lehmhus , M. Wichmann, A. Fern�ndez , J.A. de Saja
    Characterization of thermal and electrical properties of aluminum foams
    N. Babcs�n, Cs. K�d�r, N. Hegman, I. M�sz�ros, E. Maire