Alantum (Korea and Germany): Alloy (e.g. NiCrAl, NiFeCrAl) and pure metal (Ni, Fe, Cu, Ag) open cell foams. Large scale production, specially foams for catalysis and electrodes.
AlCarbon (Germany): Composites, combination of composites and Al foam. Open and close cell foams from different suppliers. (web site in German).
Alcarbon GmbH (Switzerland): Composites, combination of composites and Al foam. Open and close cell foams from different suppliers. ("Only the same name and similar portfolio, but not working together with AlCarbon Germany")
Aluinvent Inc. (Hungary): Development and manufacturing of high strength Al foams with small and regular pores via gas injection route, and Al matrix composites.
Alulight (Austria): Development and manufacturing of Al foams via powder route. Plates and shaped parts (part of Ecka Granules).
Alusion (Canada): Provide aluminium foam plates to the architectural and design industries (division of Cymat corporation).
Alveotec (France): Aluminium regular foam by foundry route (trade name CASTFOAM).
American Elements (USA): High purity Al foam supplier.
Aritech RVC Foams (Canada): Manufacturer and supplier of Reticulated Vitreous Carbon (RVC) Foam.
Chand Eisenmann Metallurgical (USA): Porous sintered materials for custom designed applications such as filtration, media retention and fluid flow control.
China Beihai Building Material Co., Ltd. (China): Manufacturer of Aluminum Foam Panels and Sandwiches via Alporas route.
Composite Materials, Ltd. (Russia): Manufacturer of porous aluminium by replication casting for a wide range of applications.
Corex Honeycomb (UK): Aluminium honeycomb core.
Cymat (Canada): Aluminium foam panels and other products (gas injection route).
Dunlop Equipment (England): Open cell metal foam for high temperature (900 °C) applications, e.g. aeronautics, gas flow control, noise attenuation and flame arrestors.
ERG Materials and Aerospace Corporation (USA): Cast metal sponges with open cells (Duocel® foam).
ECOCONTACT (France): open cell foams of Al, Cu and steel for electrical connections in high power circuits.
Exxentis (Switzerland/Austria): Porous cast Al foam made by place holder method used for filter.
FOAMTECH (Korea): Al foam plates and sandwiches made by Alporas proccess.
Fraunhofer Institute (Germany): Al foams, Al-Al- and Al-Steel-sandwiches by powder-metallurgy.
Freund GmbH (Austria): Materials for special interior design. Distributor of Alusion Foam.
Goodfellows: Distributer of Al, Cu, Ni, Zn and Steel sponges.
Havel metal foam GmbH (Germany): Manufacturer of Al foam sandwiches.
Hollomet GmbH (Germany): Stable, light and multifunctional cellular materials made from metallic hollow spheres.
Integran Technogoies Inc. (Canada): Metal foams for energy and noise absorbtion.
IWE Greifswald: Al foams, Al foam and Al honeycomb sandwiches (powder route).
Korea Metal Foam (Korea): Cast Al, Cu and Ni sponges with open cells.
K.R. Reynolds Company (USA): Distributor of Duocel foam products, Al, Cu and C open cell foams.
Liaoning Rontec Advanced Material Technology Co., Ltd (China): Manufacturer of Al foam blocks and plates.
Mitshubshi Materials (Japan): Supplier of open cell metal foams.
M-Pore (Germany): Cast metal sponges with open cells. Al, Cu , hard polymer and others. (web site in German).
Pohltec Metalfoam GmbH (Germany): Al-alloy foam sandwich (AFS), Al foam plates, design tiles and custom designed products with Al foams.
Porometal (China): Manufacturer of Ni, Cu, Ni+Fe and Fe+Cr+Al sponges with open cells for electrodes and filters.
Reade Advanced Materials: Open cell metals by electrodeposition and casting: Al, Cu, C, Hf, Pb, Ni, Nb, Re, Ta, Ti, W, Zn, Zr, steel.
RECEMAT BV (Netherlands): Supplier of open cell metal foams from stock (Ni, Ni-alloys, Cu and Al). Sheets and products.
Shanxi Putai Aluminum Foam Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (China): Aluminium foam products like sound and shock absorbers.
Spectra-Mat (USA): Tungsten and molybdenum open cell sponge components. Contact: Bob Cronk
Ultramet (USA): Refractory ceramic and metal sponges with open cells.
Vaber Industriale (Italy): Distributor for FOAMTECH products.
VIM Technology, Ltd. (China): Metal Foam factory, manufacturing Ni, Cu, Fe, and Ti foam.
Xiamen Zopin New Material Ltd. (China): Metal Foam Manufacturer.

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